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With Christmas break gone so quickly, it’s now time for exam preparations and lots of studying in general. January is when the University of Manchester has the first semester exams and the timetables were released before students broke off for Christmas break so it helps with planning how much time you have to study for each exam.

In conjunction with examinations, here are several study tips that I have found to be very useful!

1. Know your exam

It is key to know how much the examination is worth. Some modules are worth 100% examination while others might have a 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30 split with coursework.
Also make sure you know the type and structure of the exam, which questions are compulsory and how many questions you have to answer in total.

2. Ask for help

Know when your lecturer’s stop replying to emails! It is unlikely that they are going to reply you during Christmas break.
Also do not be afraid to ask people within your network, it does not have to be your lecturer or your course-mate, it could also be someone doing the same degree but in a year above you who has more knowledge and experience which can be very useful.
Do not forget to check out the Student Counselling services as well if you have any issues that you are uncomfortable speaking to others.

3. Sort out your subject material

Make sure you know what topics have been covered in the syllabus, go through your notes, make a list of topics that you might have missed a few important points on.

4. Do past year papers

The university has a database full of past year papers that is very easy to obtain. Do the past year papers, break down the questions, structure your answers properly, and discuss with friends tutors or anyone with knowledge on the subject to find out where you are making mistakes.

5. Know where to go

The university is very large, with many different departments and buildings. Make use of the interactive campus map available online and you will find that you will be making your way to the exam building with no difficulty at all.
Another key point is to know what you are allowed to bring into the examination and what should be left in your bag.

6. Relax

The most important tip of all, calm down! Lower stress levels, make sure you know the material, plan your answer accordingly, and breathe!

To end on a lighter note, here’s a picture of Manchester taken from space! From the International Space Station – 70km up in the sky. The picture was taken by American astronaut Chris Hadfield.
The ‘small’ patch of darkness just above where it says Prestwich is Heaton Park, the largest municipal park in Europe.


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