End of the first semester and Masquerade ball


December is that time of the year when the holiday buzz kicks in, it is the time when you see smiling faces in grocery stores, on the streets and even in lecture theatres. For me, December marks the end of the first semester, the time to go back to Romania and my dear hometown, Sibiu.  As every other year, early December would catch me writing my final assignments and then, there is the ball…this year, it was a masquerade ball, which meant that long dresses and masks were in order… I managed of course to get one of the last tickets to the ball (needles to say they sold out in record time: around 4-5 hours), as there is no way I would have missed it. And then, there is the classic picture with the Christmas tree in the background; I could not miss this one either.

End of the first semester and Masquerade ball

Masquerade ball

Other than this, all I can say is that I have some serious shopping to do and lots of chocolate to buy. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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