Eiffel, Curry, and Snow!


So it’s been a while!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the time off! It has been a time of Christmas gifts, family gatherings and well, forming new-year resolutions. The holidays started with a short vacation to Paris for a week’s time. Despite the freezing temperatures, Paris was simply amazing! The Christmas decorations in Paris were mind-blowing and the sights were stunning.

After Paris, it was time to head back to the homeland to see my family. The start was not the best because a delay in my flight from Paris resulted in me missing my connecting flight to Ahmedabad at the Abu Dhabi Airport. This meant that I had to wait for twenty-four hours at the airport to catch the next flight to Ahmedabad. A movie marathon, complimentary meal coupons, and three hours of sleep helped me get through this. But let’s just say that it was worth the wait.

It was great fun catching up with the family and old friends. Fun fact that many Indians celebrate New Year’s eve in October, according to the Hindu calendar, which is marked by the festival of Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights. Similarly, the Chinese also celebrate the Chinese New Year on a different date.

But as January came, it was time to head back to Manchester and the city welcomed me with rain. January was Exam month, so everyone was dug deep into books, strapped to their library chairs, and sipping in far more caffeine than they should be. Manchester also welcomed snow this year, and the campus looked absolutely stunning. Snow at The University of Manchester experience >>

Currently, I am in the process of finalizing my modules for the Second semester. I am trying to create a mix that covers a variety of business functions. Alongside this, I also played my first Badminton match of the year in Liverpool against Liverpool John Moores University, clinching a 5-3 victory.

Post-victory picture with the team somewhere in Liverpool!

Post-victory picture with the team somewhere in Liverpool!

At Manchester Entrepreneurs, we are currently in the process of finalizing speakers for the annual WhatNext Conference that is going to be held on February 28th. We have managed to rope in some great speakers for this year’s conference. It should be really exciting and am looking forward to it.

Till next time!


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