Easter is finally here!


After getting done with a number of presentations and reports, a break was much-needed. A lot of my friends decided to go back home for the break, but I have planned on travelling around the country.

On my way to the barbecue

On my way to the barbecue

We started our travel with a day-long trip to Blackpool, which is an hour-long train ride away from Manchester. We reached Blackpool quite early so that we could explore the city, and also spend a good amount of time at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an amazing amusement park located by the beach. With so many amazing rides, the amusement park was an absolutely delightful experience. On the whole, a day in Blackpool helped me get rid of all the fatigue from the previous few hectic weeks.

After Blackpool, I went for a Camping trip with a friend of mine to Peak District. An hour away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester, Peak District is stunning. Our trip started off with a slight hitch, as we missed our train, and then also missed our station. It was an hour-long walk back to our original destination, so we tried hitchhiking, but failed miserably. Finally, we reached the campsite and were welcomed with some scrumptious veggie burgers at the campsite.

After having arrived, we were faced with an even more difficult task of setting up our tent, which turned out to be a long process, thanks to the strong winds. The schedule for the night was star-gazing, which turned out to be a great experience. Next day, we went for an five-hour hike, which got stretched to eight-hours, as we were unable to find our way back. However, this hike was one of the most amazing experiences, as we passed by climbed peaks, crossed rivers, and also explored various small villages. As the weather was about to worsen, we thought of leaving that night itself, instead of leaving next morning; which in hindsight, appears to have been a good decision.

After the camping trip, we got back to Manchester to celebrate a friend’s birthday. This was followed by a day’s trip to Liverpool, the home of the Beatles. Our first visit was to the Beatles museum, followed by a trip to Anfield and a couple of other museums. Liverpool was great fun, but thanks to the weather, we were completely drenched by evening, and so we decided to head back to Manchester.

Mighty skies covering London

Mighty skies covering London

A few days later, I went down to London for a couple of days to meet one of my mates from high-school. Since I had already visited most of the advertised sightseeing spots, he showed me around places that tourists don’t generally visit.

After heading back to Manchester, I decided switch gears to studies. With two submissions after Easter, I needed to start so that I can finish smoothly. I also managed to obtain the position of Student Ambassador for the next Academic year, and the training for that would soon be starting.

But for now, my primary focus is to start revising and get done with my submissions.


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