Dragon’s Den…


We are reaching our year-end appraisals at work. This is a process by which management evaluate how we have performed against our objectives in the year. As a first-year graduate this process is not so nerve-racking, as we will continue to be graduates next year. It is not until next year when it gets more “serious” as we will all be aiming to become Senior Consultants. That’s when our performances really matter, and we must have demonstrated strong work knowledge, as well as excellent leadership skills during the year etc. Apparently the process is somewhat like the Dragon’s Den…

I am currently working on a project which I will be on for the next 4 months. This is so far the biggest project I have worked on, and it is indeed a great way to get visibility within the firm when working with high-profile clients. There are a couple of other graduates on the project, which definitely makes the days go faster. I have to cut down on the caffeine though, as we are taking way too many coffee breaks at the moment.

There’s only 7 weeks left before I take off to Borneo for the Deloitte Charity Challenge. Training is going well so far and I’ve been keeping myself active by jogging, cycling, and by doing sports, including football, swimming and badminton. I have been very lucky with my work hours so far, allowing me to work out at least 5 times per week. That’s probably more often than I used to go to Sugden Sports Centre at uni. There’s also plenty of sports and events to get involved in at work. Only 3 weeks ago, a group of graduates and I played in the company’s 5-a-side footie tournament. We managed to get through our group and through to the quarter finals, where we were unfortunately knocked out. There is another 5-a-side tournament coming up in August. We will have our vengeance.


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