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One of the downers of working full-time, unless you are an entrepreneur, is that you will have a limited amount of holidays in the year. At university, we used to get nearly 5 months of holiday in the year. The standard for a full-time role is around 25-30 days.

I have always been interested in volunteering and charity work. Following my first year at uni, I spent my summer in China as a volunteer teaching at an elementary school. The year before that, I spent two months as an Editor and Web Designer in a UK-based charity organisation. Whenever I could get time off studies or work, I wanted to contribute where there was skills shortage and where I could support a cause.

Another highlight was the day I spent at Mencap

Another highlight was the day I spent at Mencap

I decided that I wanted to challenge myself this year and set the bar high for what I could do to help others. Together with a group of work colleagues, I will be travelling to Borneo in June, spending 7 days of climbing the highest mountain in SE Asia (Mount Kinabalu), cycling through jungles, and trekking around areas where only mosquitos will be able to track me. I will finance the trip myself, and I have set a target to raise £1,500 to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s and prostate cancer. Yes, this means a lot of cake sales…

One of the highlights of this month was the Chinese New Year celebration. I spent this year celebrating with my aunt and cousins who are in London, as I didn’t have the chance to go back to my family in Sweden because of work. My aunt delivered a feast in their East London apartment. The feast was good enough to keep us away from the rice wine and karaoke machine. Success.

Another highlight was the day I spent at Mencap, an organisation for people with learning disabilities. In line with the Valentine’s weekend, we spent a full day at an activity centre painting on t-shirts (love theme of course), dominos, dancing and singing. Although it was the most fun day at work I’ve had so far, it was also the most exhausting one.


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