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So the holidays came and went quicker than a flash but I hope all the readers had a good balanced time of stress filled revision and care free celebration. I probably I had a bit more of one of these that the other but I rebalanced the scale once I got back on glorious Mancunian soil. Revision for me at home was leisurely, having full access to a comfy sofa, a fully stocked fridge all day and the office room desk if I so fancied it, meant I could revise for hours, but this too as a word of warning to future revision goers was maybe a too relaxed environment for me. I did feel when it came to boiling everything down and applying myself to practice papers that a lot of the reading wasn’t springing to mind. So rule number one is to sit in an awkward chair under bright lights inflicting pain upon your body until your mind is ready!! No I’m just kidding, don’t do that, but I would certainly be aware of the conditions in which you are revising and whether or not you think you’ll be focused and work intensive in that environment before starting.

In my defence, there was a new addition to my family during the holidays to which my attention was centred around his beck and call. Introducing, George, a miniature Jack-Russell who true to the breeds form, took over our house as if it was his own. He was a lot of mischief and as you can see pretty darn cute too, he was also very helpful at keeping me revising in my room at stages, as he would nip and bite at my socks when I came down stairs.

Jack Russell

I’m very grateful for him and my family and many other things in my life that I feel drive me to become that person I want to be.

Like the messages I found in my revision books at random, encouraging me onwards in times of doubt, from my Mum and Dad telling me how the enjoyed my long stay over Christmas, even to the very unexpected messages I get from George, asking how I’m getting on and when I’m next coming home with my tasty socks. Lol

To the amazing course I am on and the course mates and life-long friends I have made. I in 2015 am completely grateful for everything I have and am grateful for everything that 2015 will bring.

Until next time, as my dad would say, ‘keep the head down and the backside to the wind’, an expression that means to keep working hard. I have my graduation this summer so this has become a personal mantra of mind which I am also very grateful for!

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