December 2014 / January 2015


It’s almost February, which not only means that I have survived yet another exam period, but also that my last semester at Manchester Business School has just started.

I had to hand in two pieces of coursework on December 12th; a case study about Walmart for Behavioural Strategy and a reflective journal for Business of Healthcare. The case study is worth 70 % of the final grade and we chose our own company to write about. Throughout the semester we worked on the case study as part of some of the seminars, which gave students a better idea of how to write a good case study. I picked Walmart’s struggle in Germany in the end because I thought it would be interesting to look at a company that is successful on an international level, but nonetheless experienced some difficulties with their business model in certain countries.

I went home for three weeks during Christmas break so I had enough time to catch up with everyone back in Germany. My friends and I meet for the obligatory baking day and we made an unbelievable amount of 20 trays of cookies.

Baking day

Baking day

Baking day

This year I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with one of my friends in Berlin. Germany’s capital is only 4 hours by train from where I live so it is a good destination of a 3 day trip. We did a bit of sightseeing and shopping and on the evening of December 31st we went to a restaurant and some bars before going to the city centre to look at the fireworks.

Berlin 2

I actually also managed to do a bit of studying at home before coming back to Manchester at the beginning of January , but nonetheless the exam period was quite stressful. My three exams were scheduled in the first four days of the exam period so there was little time to relax in between the exams.

The new semester started on January 26th and I am continuing with my Contemporary issues in Financial Reporting module, but I also have five new modules: Decision Analysis, International HRM, Towards 2050, Management & Leadership Challenges and Globalization, world economies & MNE’s. I’ve only had the introductory lectures so far so I will tell you more about the modules as the semester progresses.


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