December 2012 – Johanna


I hope you all had a great Christmas, a good start in the New Year and have enjoyed your time off university or school. I certainly enjoyed my visit home but as always it was just too short but I have to get back to Manchester to start studying for my 5 exams in the last two weeks of January. I decided to not take any work home and instead return to Manchester early in the New Year since taking books and notes with me last Christmas vacation didn’t exactly work out. When you only go home every few months you really want to enjoy your time with friends and family and that’s what I did. I went to the Christmas market in Hamburg, went to a Christmas dance on the 25th of December and had a blast celebrating New Year’s Eve with my friends.

And next year I can finally say, that I will go to the States this year – It’s crazy that all IMABS students will leave just about 8 months from now. I’ve already spoken to my American host family and I will be spending Christmas 2013 with them in Missouri.

I’m glad I don’t have to go through the hassle of finding an accommodation for next year in Manchester. Just before the start of the Christmas break some students already start being terrified that they don’t get a house or flat for the following year – Don’t panic ! There are plenty of private halls and houses for rent in the area. Take your time to think about what you want in terms of accommodation and look around a few places. I started to look around private halls just at the beginning of February last year and I didn’t have a problem finding a place to live.

The university also hosts an accommodation fair so you should check it out if you find some time or go to the website which is sponsored by the University of Manchester among others.

I hope I will soon get more information about my year abroad so I can start to make more plans!


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