Christmas break is just around the corner!


While I have been jealous a few times of my friends who were able to catch a quick train ride home for the weekend, I’m not anymore. At least for the time being. I will be going home for Christmas and am really excited. Also, who doesn’t love warm sunshine and the beach? Growing up with hot weather all year round, I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to the cold Manchester weather, although I sometimes do miss not having to put on so many layers just for a quick grocery run. The main image above is a photo of my home town but I’ll try to write more about my Christmas break at home in the next blog entry.

Last week, during the ITMB showcase event, we second years tackled a small case study. As the university’s IT business team, we were required to identify a problem area, explain why it is important and how it connects with the university’s strategies/goals, come up with a project plan inclusive of benefits and risks. As we were given the task on that day itself, we only had 2 hours to prepare a 5 minute presentation. My group chose carbon footprint as the main topic with a narrowed down focus on transportation because this links with the university’s goal of Social Responsibility. The University of Manchester 2020 Vision has three main goals: World-class Research, Outstanding Learning and Student Experience, and Social Responsibility. From the first presentation round, 2 groups will be chosen to proceed to the second round where a final winner was chosen. All in all, it was an interesting day and definitely something to look forward to if you plan on taking up the ITMB degree! The networking opportunities provided by this degree is limitless. From your first year itself you will be interacting with real representatives from multinational corporations like Credit Suisse, Ford and many more.

Lastly, in conjunction with Christmas, I am more than happy to end this blog post with photos showing Manchester’s lovely Christmas markets. There’s something for everyone here, from traditional bratwursts, Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella to a huge variety of desserts for the sweet toothed. They even have quirky antique craft pieces, fine jewellery, and bonsai trees.





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