Christmas break is fast approaching…


Christmas is slowly approaching and that also means the end of lectures and seminars for semester one and of course one month off for the Christmas break.

I will fly home on 19th December but before that there is so much left to do. We need to hand in a 1500 word essay for Microeconomics during the last week of the semester and we have until 16th December to choose our electives for the second semester. We have a choice of three out of four; Macroeconomics, Financial Decision Making, Management in Society and Modern Corporation. I definitely know that I will take Financial Decision Making and Modern Corporation but I am still not sure about my third choice.

We also had our first presentations for this semester and I think it went pretty good even though we didn’t get the grades yet. Something new for me was to take a test online (Fundamentals of Financial Reporting), so I was really nervous and had those horrible thoughts about my laptop crashing in the middle of the test but everything was fine and in the end I even got 10 out of 10 points.

Towards the end of November a friend and I went to the big Christmas lights switch on in Manchester city centre – all the lights and the fireworks were just amazing. The Christmas markets have started as well and once I hand in my Microeconomics essay I will definitely go because I heard the German Christmas market here is really good.

At the beginning of November, my most loved American fast food chain, Taco Bell, opened in the Arndale Centre, a big shopping centre here in Manchester, and I was just so excited because I haven’t eaten there since the last time I visited the USA which was two years ago.

I am so glad I live in Manchester because going to Taco Bell reminds me of my year abroad in the United States. For those of you who have never heard of Taco Bell before, it is a fast food chain offering Mexican food and is very popular throughout the USA.

Our exams will take place in the last two weeks of January and on the first weekend in February I am going to the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) with other students from the Manchester Model United Nations society. Even though I’m a little nervous about it because over 1,000 students from all over the world will be there and I find it difficult to express myself on a level like that, I’m looking forward to it as well because I get to meet new people and it is a nice beginning for the second semester.

So little time until Christmas break and still so much to do.


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