Christie Cup!


With Easter holidays over and signs of Spring finally visible in Manchester, life is back to normal in Manchester!

Oxford Road is back to being crowded as we have four more weeks of University left. Most of this time would involve revising and working on coursework. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have four pieces of coursework to be submitted during this period. I have shifted base from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons to the Main Library. During this busy period, I prefer the Main Library now as you are always guaranteed to find a spot, and is much, much quieter.

One of the major highlights of this month was the Christie Cup, a championship contested between the universities of Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds. This year, the championship was held in Liverpool. Just like last year, the matches went down to the wire, as we drew our match against Liverpool, and lost against Leeds. While this year’s performance was not as good as last year’s, I am happy to say that the overall championship was won by Manchester. It was an amazing day, ending with a night out at the Manchester Student’s Union.

My application for the role of a student ambassador has been accepted, and I am looking forward to a briefing session that will be held soon. I am also looking forward to seeing many of you in September.

Indian meal in my friend’s flat!

Indian meal in my friend’s flat!


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