Changing times – The start of the Second Semester


Exams are over!

The two weeks of stress and insomnia is finally over. I had a total of four exams over a two-week period, which was convenient as I had enough time to revise in between papers. I spent a large chunk of these two weeks in the Main Library and the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons. These were two ideal places to study on campus for me, and I always preferred not working in my room, since I’d end up watching a TV series or movies. As the exams for most of the courses got over on Friday night, you could literally see the entire town celebrating!

The Christmas holidays were absolutely amazing. I went back to India, and met my family and friends. It was a complete blast, but I also managed to do a fairly good amount of work over the Christmas period. During this period, I also applied for a few spring internships, which are ideal for first-year students as they provide an insight into the respective company and industry. Majority of applications have been to investment banks and professional services firms. I am in the second stage of the application process, which is an online test that determines whether you would be invited for an interview or not.

Regarding my application for the position of a marketing intern at the Manchester Entrepreneurs Society, I am delighted to inform that I have been selected. There is a team of seven interns that have been selected, and we have started working on an upcoming conference organized by the society called the ‘What Next Conference’.

It takes place on February 22nd, 2014. We are currently devising strategies that could be used to promote the event. I have also been continuing playing for the University’s Badminton team, with the latest match being against Leeds Metropolitan University. Unfortunately, we could not get the better of them, and lost 5-3.

I am looking forward to the second semester which started two days after the Exams. Compared to the first semester, I have two additional modules this semester, which makes the timetable pretty intense, but should be fun.


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