Borneo Tri-X Charity Challenge


I am dreading to finish work today. As soon as I have finished, I will be walking down the death row, towards the gym, where a 30 mile bike ride is awaiting. The training for the Deloitte Tri-X Charity Challenge is at full speed, and there are less than 4 weeks until I set off for my trip to take on the greatest physical challenge I’ve faced so far. The trip begins with a 2-day mountain climb, reaching the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago, Mount Kinabalu (4102m). We will then continue with a 2-day trekking and biking challenge through the jungles in extreme heat. The trip will then finish off with rafting through the rainforests. Challenge accepted.

Please visit to sponsor me! This is a self-funded trip and all donations will go towards helping people living with Dementia, mental illness and people diagnosed Prostate Cancer.

Summer’s coming and we are expecting to accommodate some summer interns and the new graduate joiners shortly. I will be helping out as a Buddy to one summer intern and one graduate. I have been in contact with both via email, and it turned out the graduate also studied at the Uni of Manchester, where he did a Geography. My role is to show them the ropes; help them both getting settled in their new roles as quickly as possible, share all hints and tips, and ensure they are provided enough support by both myself and the firm.


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