Bah Humbug!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, ding-dong, ding-dong the clock strikes 4 on the last day on term. Finally all assessments have been turned in and a euphoric feeling hijacks my body as attention falls to last minute Christmas outings and farewells with friends and my growing anticipation to return home for a lazy one.

As you may have read before hand, there were numerous assignments this semester, some tougher than others but all successfully equipping us with knowledge and skills we did not have three months ago. My advice to everyone is to fully embrace what you’re learning as your enthusiasm will help you stand out! For my second year team project, my team members and I are aiming to reduce the University’s Co2 emissions by 3% annually. The objective gave us a great opportunity to demonstrate creative flare and passion with our proposed solution, which could ultimately benefit local environment as well as the University. Showcasing our solution to industry experts, prospective employers and our academics, my group worked well to effectively communicate our idea, which resulted in the team achieving 3rd Prize that was awarded by SAS, the statistical software developer.

This was a fantastic lift to our spirits at the end of the year, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Only the ITMB Christmas Social topped this feeling!! All I can say about this night is that is a must! Fantastic spread and drinks to boot, it was brilliant to break down the barriers between students and staff, with the students for once, demonstrating how things were done here in Manchester!


With a clear or groggy head, Manchester is beautiful during winter. Appearing almost paralysed by the cold, the city’s side streets and walkways become robbed of strollers who are caught up in the shopping frenzies in town. The city centre is magically engrossed with an array of brass bands, street performances and human statues to name a few. I strongly recommend exploring those quite and loud places around this time of year.


Get a feel for what made this city what it is today, by venturing to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). You’ll be surprised just how much of what laid down the foundation to today’s modern technology and sciences can be attributed to this town. As well as a fantastic air hanger dedicated to preserving a variety of old fighter jets and RAF aircraft. Just a donation permits entry too.


With all the last minute excursions I of course left my Christmas shopping to the same last minute. Final trip out to Trafford to get all my family their goodies before at last, going to the airport. Since being home, I have had a very merry Christmas filled with cheer, cheer that has since been extinguished with revision. Hope you all have had a wonderful time merrily revising too.


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