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Second year has been challenging! Already a month in, it feels like you’re working all the time, and just when you think you’re done, more work piles up. I had a slight hiccup in the beginning since I had to make a few last minute changes to my modules, because I was keen on selecting modules that are more application-based and not purely theoretical, and I could not be more satisfied with the modules I have chosen.

Despite the work, I have also been trying my best to participate in as many extra-curriculars as possible, whether it is societies, case competitions, sports, or even student ambassador. This would not only help me learn new things, but also contribute towards developing a comprehensive CV, not only in terms of having a bulk of things, but a good mix of experiences.

October also marked our first Badminton premiership match of the year! It was a home of match against the Manchester Mens Third Team (Yes, two UoM teams in the same league) and I played two singles matches. It felt great to finally get back to the competitive circuit. We’ve got a match against Man Met next week, and it sort of feels like the Manchester derby (Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit).

Diwali Celebration - The Indian festival of lights!

Diwali Celebration – The Indian festival of lights!

Talking about societies, I attended my first society training as the President of VegSoc at the SU! The training session is compulsory for all societies and they cover everything from funding to risk assessment. I have also been working further on the Manchester Entrepreneurs website, updating the newly conceived Manchester Fastlane, which is a group for students who have already started/or are on the verge of starting their own businesses.

With the English summer over and the 5:00 PM sunsets starting to take place, the Reading week is around the corner. I have decided to stay in Manchester and focus on catching up with my studies. Guess I’ll be relocating to the library and eating a lot of takeaways for the next few days!

Happy Halloween to everyone!


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