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I believe that April truly marks the beginning of spring. During the first two weeks of the month there was no drop of rain, just the warm sun and the sound of holiday buzzing in my ears.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I left UK and went back home to Romania for the holiday on the 21st March where I stayed until the beginning of April. That is when my adventure started. After Romania, my first stop was Paris where I met with one of my dear friends who I went to college with as well. As it was my first time in Paris and I only stayed there for three full days, I could only enjoy the looks of the city and some its beauties such as the Eiffel Tour, the Orsay Museum, the food and the culture itself. I shall keep with me the memories of Paris as I promised myself I will go back there once again since the city’s essence cannot be fully grasped within only three days. However, after eating fondue and escargots and going up the Eiffel Tour, I was more than happy to say I had a taste of the Parisian life, so I will let the pictures below speak more about this experience.

Denisa Paris

After Paris, I returned to Manchester, ready to do some studying and hand in my last assignments. However, meanwhile, I also celebrated Easter respecting some of the traditions from back home such as eating red-painted hard-boiled eggs and lamb meat.

Following my return to Manchester, I also left for Barcelona at the end of April, considering it to be my last holiday before the exam session in May. Sun bathing, riding a scooter and visiting Sagrada Familia are only a few of the experiences which I enjoyed the most. Adding to these, the four days spent there gave me new forces to come back and finish what I hope would be a successful academic year at University of Manchester.


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