A roaring start to the year


Once again the academic year is off to a roaring start with welcome week.

As is tradition, the fresh post-college students arrive to a tremendously enthusiastic fresher’s fair, where they have the opportunity to really take advantage of the ‘been there, done that’ knowledge from current students, who are either working behind the stalls at the fair, or queuing for hours on end for free pizza. This year’s welcome week was cut down only to a select few days throughout the week, so if you are planning on coming to Manchester make sure to find out well in advance when the fair is on. It is not to be missed.

For anyone who has read my blog before, I’ll just give you a tiny update as to what I done over the summer. As you might know, I was working a part-time job during term at an online kids formalwear retailer. This position became full-time over summer and I found myself working 40+ hours most weeks. I did enjoy every moment of it, however I am incredibly happy to now be dedicating most of my time to uni again. I also turned the big 21 late summer, which was incredible. I had gone back home to Ireland for the occasion where I spent time with family and friends celebrating.

Now back to academic life. I am now entering in to my 2nd year of the course, Information Technology Management for Business, or ITMB for short and after sitting through all our the introductory lectures I feel this year is going to be slightly more challenging in the aspect of self-teaching and intuitive thinking. As before in 1st year a lot of the units are team-orientated however the focus of the tasks have become less technical, but moving more towards analysis and real-world problem solving. For example one of our units is the Business Team Project, which runs throughout the year. For the first semester our objective is to aid The University of Manchester in achieving its goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 3% annually. At first we were all a bit gobsmacked, and rightly so. The project shall require extensive data gathering, in-depth analysis and reporting as well as intuitive & creative thinking in order to achieve such a goal. Many of the other assignments for other units also require a similar use of information systems within a business context. I’m pretty sure we shall all do pretty well though, as the topic areas are all present in our daily lives and are quite interesting.

If you have just joined us at the University you may have noticed a lovely new building beside the Student Union. The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, which is a brand new state-of-the-art learning facility, in which I am currently writing this blog. The décor is modern yet cosy, with secluded spaces for group work and a vast array of computers with ample sockets!!! What more could revising students ask for? Lots of vending machines and a café? Yip, it’s got those too.


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