A March like no other…


March like no other, was a month stocked full of stress and stress relief!

We here at MBS are one large extendable family and as such we like to get together the odd time for some fun outside of classrooms. This year has seen the very successful and enjoyable Masquerade Ball which was filled with all manner of delights from dancers and pranksters to actual magic! I hope the ball is something that shall be repeated again in the not so distant future as the night was one of the best I’ve had this year. Delicious food, champagne reception and some cringe-worthy dance moves from a hand full of lectures. They may have mastered the art of fine business but the dance floor is a subject unsolved.

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Before all of that malarkey however and as always, there were few obligations that had to be met. These however were not back-breaking and with the knowledge that the Easter break was just around the corner it was easy to get motivated.

One thing that added to my no-nonsense approach to getting assignments out of the way was the fact that I had been invited to participate in an assessment centre at IBM’s North Harbour location situated just a stone’s throw from Portsmouth. On receiving the invitation I trembled with nerves and joy! I had focused a lot of my attention on IBM’s application process and was so glad it had got me through to the next stage. After reading countless forums I became tired of how they spiked my nerves, as neither two described similar things therefore I had less and less idea of what to expect. I drew a line at that point and tried to strictly focus on myself, my skills and IBM.

Arriving the day prior to the assessment centre I planned to take a little time to get acquainted with Portsmouth as I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and could potentially be working there in the future. Sadly I was unfamiliar with the area and my phone had died so I only got to see the harbour and I then caught a taxi to the hotel.

The following morning came all too sudden and before I knew it I was sat in a business interview with a hiring manager. Not one to let things get the better of me, I remained interested and enthusiastic leading to me answering the questions well. I am sworn to secrecy regarding the group exercises but what I can say is that they are tough and there is honestly very little you can do other than be yourself and work closely with the other candidates as a team. One hopeful IBM-er there on the day evolved into a bull when it came to the group exercises, which came across badly.

My advice to anyone who is planning attend an assessment day is to know as much as you possibly can about the company but most importantly know everything there is to know about you.

I recently got word back that I had passed the assessment day and am now within IBM’s matching process. Exciting times ahead!


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