9 month review & zombie apocalypse!


The only hiccup I can report for this month is the fact I can never seem to spell it correctly the first time… Febu…Feburary… February? In contrast everything else hasn’t been faced without such hesitation or doubt.

One very important thing! Assessments!! I have my 9 month review coming up soon and it plays a crucial part of how IBM ‘ranks’ me against other interns, a term so militant it makes me kind of nervous. But I am excited to deliver the presentation as it may result in me getting a fast tracked offer on to the graduate scheme.

A positive side to my preparation is that I know how the ranking system works. I have been fortunate enough to assist in three IBM assessments centres, seeing first hand what skills, qualities and competencies they are ranking people against. In general, they usually look for passion and enthusiasm, leadership qualities, great interpersonal skills and each individuals commercial awareness, particularly awareness of competitors.

On a not so positive note, the process isn’t as influenced by the assessors emotions or gut feelings as some might expect, rather reverting to a strict scoring criteria, a formula in a spreadsheet and a big yes or no beside your name. So if you are going to an assessment centre soon, think of your overall performance on a scale of 1 – 5 and never stop performing until you feel you have achieved that magic number, whilst of course always remaining a team player. Don’t get too bulshy though, as no one I know has ever come across the bulshy ones from the assessment centre.

The reason I feel positive about the assessment is the fact that since last month I have taken on a whole new world of responsibility, which came around due to a team member going on holiday for 3 weeks. Leaving me in the hot seat.

Zombie Combat

Zombie Combat

I had one of the most terrifying experiences of my life towards the end of the month, which turned me from confident placement student to screaming little girl. Ever heard of Zombie Combat? In an abandoned bunker in what is now an industrial estate outside London, I faced the most unholy of demons! Trained and equipped with armour, we faced death by Zombie bite as we where locked in a creepy room with no supplies. The Zombies had escaped from a near by test lab and taken control of the bunker. They pulled cables cutting the lights off and causing a security lock in! Split in to teams, we had to go on missions using night vision around the bunkers many hall ways and rooms to find a way to escape. The Zombies where everywhere at every turn! Faces melting and groaning loudly, I almost had a heart attack! After several firing rounds, lots of chases and many many screams the team where successful in rebooting the systems and we managed to escape! But did the Zombies follow us to the outside world?


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