3rd Year – Here I Come!


Coming back to University of Manchester has been rather a much awaited experience for me, as in the past two years, it slowly but steadily became a place which I could call my second home. I am, however, very grateful for the summer experience I had this year, for both the times when I felt like I needed a vacation and those when I was actually on holiday.

I joined Barclays for a summer internship in London, Canary Wharf

I joined Barclays for a summer internship in London, Canary Wharf

While immersed in my studies at University of Manchester, I did find myself wondering about and wishing to have the London experience checked on my bucket list. This summer, I managed to do exactly that, as I joined Barclays for a summer internship in London, Canary Wharf. The opportunity to engage and work with the people whom I met throughout my internship enabled me to confirm my aspirations of working in financial services. Moreover, I also got a glimpse of how it feels like to reap the rewards of a few months of hard work and what I should expect after finishing university in terms of the working lifestyle.

While my time spent at Barclays was rather stretched throughout the day and it often felt quite busy, my weekends were very similar but their focus has been more on having fun and spending quality time in London and even outside the city. Therefore, from being a tourist in London, enjoying its sky bars and night life, to visiting Oxford or going to Thorpe Park, I can say that I did not stay still the whole summer. Perhaps the best travelling experience I have had, though, is the one week holiday I spent in Italy at the end of my summer internship, which left me very happy but tired and eager to return to Romania for two weeks of good fun spent with family and friends.

One week holiday I spent in ItalyNevertheless, the moment I arrived in Manchester, I realised I missed it: definitely not the lack of sun, but something else, most probably being a student at University of Manchester and the feeling of belonging to its great international student community. It’s good to be home!


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