187 days to go!


Getting up, studying, eating, studying, going to bed. That was basically my daily routine for the first few weeks of January. I had three exams in three consecutive days in the first week of the exam period and one exam each on Thursday and Friday of the second week. I don’t really know if I will get good grades – Each time I make guesses about the outcome of an exam I am completely wrong so I will just have to be patient for another few days until we get the results on the 22nd of February.

I really hope that in this semester my exams won’t be on consecutive days because it’s really stressful since you can’t even take a break after one exam. But since I only have 3 exams this term in a three week exam period I’m confident that the May/June exam period will be slightly less stressful.

I only have 5 modules this semester because I took 7 modules last semester so my timetable is really empty and I have Wednesdays off so I have enough time for the preparations for my year abroad. I have two pieces of coursework this semester: One assignment for Statistics and one essay for American Society & Economy.

Last week I have received an email from UNC and I have to fill out the online application, a proof of funding and some other documents by the beginning of March so MBS can send them over to North Carolina. I’m getting really excited especially when meeting American exchange students. The other day I met a girl from Michigan and when I told her I was going to North Carolina she said that the weather in the Carolinas (the states of North Carolina and South Carolina) is just perfect because it’s always sunny, not too cold and not too warm. That definitely sounds perfect to me since it has been cold and grey in Manchester for days.

When I am flying home for Easter I will look into flights some more since I know now that I have to be in Chapel Hill by August 18th the latest. 187 days to go!


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