100 days until I set foot on European ground!


The highlight of this month was definitely my trip to Alabama with my Handball team during the last weekend of January. In Auburn, eastern Alabama, we got the chance to practice with the American national team and scrimmage against them as well as play against a local team from Auburn. We won against the team from Auburn but needless to say we lost against the national team. On the positive side not many people can say that they have practiced with or played against a national team in any type of sport!

Two of my teammates and I in Alabama

Two of my teammates and I in Alabama

Since many Americans don’t know Handball there are not as many teams yet so the only chance we get to play against other teams is during tournaments. We host our own tournament at the end of February and in April we are going to be playing at the College Nationals in Alabama.

I’ve already had 3.5 weeks of lectures and my first two midterms take place next week. This semester I am taking five different modules: Financial Reporting, Negotiations, Advanced Spreadsheet Modelling, Operations Management and Sustainable Business & Social Entrepreneurship. The class I enjoy the most is Financial Reporting. It is a class that final year undergrad students here have to take who are going tothe Master of Accounting Program in the fall, hence it’s very demanding. What I like most about it is that we look at national as well as international accounting standards and that we do research about the different accounting standards which is very relevant to jobs in the accounting profession. In class we also talk about issues like: Do sport clubs depreciate their players? And how would Seaworld assign a value to a shark to report it on its financial statements? Who said accounting is boring?!

My Advanced Spreadsheet Modelling class is an online class so we only meet in person 5 times throughout the semester and have to do work on our own the remainder of the semester. This way I am off on most Mondays in addition to my free Fridays (Kenan-Flagler doesn’t have Friday classes).

We also had a bit of snow here for 2 days which lead to chaos on the streets and several class cancellations. Since North Carolina is in the Southeast of the USA it doesn’t often snow here so people are not prepared for this type of weather at all. On the other hand we had 15°C on a few days in January as well.

What made me realize how quickly the end of my time in the US is approaching is the fact that I have just booked my return flight. I only have two exams at the beginning of May so I will be flying to New York for a week before flying back to Germany in Mid-May. It’s now officially less than 100 days until I will set foot on European ground again!


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