The final exams in December


This month I spent numerous hours in the library studying for my final exams. It was a lot of work but worth it not having exams in January is always nice as I am used to spending the Christmas months in the library. The layout of the exams in Ohio State are very different from the University of Manchester as Ohio State mainly use multiple choice exams and their curriculum is heavily based on group projects. I thoroughly enjoyed working with other students to complete our group projects. This style of learning gave me a different insight into learning, and I feel like I learned a lot through partaking in group work.

December also marks the month for the annual AMBS Christmas ball. Each year I have spent at the University of Manchester, my class mates and I have always attended which has always been an excellent event, being away from home I missed out on the opportunity but there is always next year to attend. This event is a celebration of all those in the business school and is open to all year groups to attend. All students dress in evening wear attire and there is a three-course meal provided at the Midland Hotel. This is always a great event held by the university and I highly recommend that anyone who attends AMBS attends the ball at least once.

December marks end of the American College Football season. I will definitely miss attending the games as they were a lot of fun and Ohio State Football team played really well this year which is also a bonus. American colleges are crazy about their sports such as American football, basketball and ice hockey and I am glad that through being on exchange has enabled me to experience these sports I may not have experienced otherwise.


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