Practical advice to conquer procrastination during the exam period.


“One of these days I’m going to get help for my procrastination problem.”

This blog will cover some practical advice on how to conquer procrastination during the exam period.

Yes. Is that time of the year! Maybe at this moment you have an exam in the next few days and do not have a single idea what is the course about? Fun fact. You are not alone! I will try to offer you a piece of advice about what to do in order to survive the exam period.

First things first.  Exams. Go for the PAST PAPERS!  Apart from the revision, the minimum action that you have to do is to get some insights! Past papers are essentials because after you will finish with them you will know what to expect from your exam.

However, it is not enough. The exam period is a great time to make friends! Yes! I am talking about those students that you tried to avoid all semester. If you did not meet them yet in the library, drop them a message! Ask them if you can study with them or what is their approach to learn. You will be surprised! The learning will go faster and now you will not study alone!

You need to submit an essay or coursework? Make sure that you know by heart the CRITERIA EVALUATION! What is that? Well, after you get the task, you will receive a file as well that is covering all the things that evaluator will follow in order to grade you.

Read, read, read! Probably you know already how important academic journal articles are for an essay or coursework! It is hard to get the best ones but try to read careful first the abstract and the conclusion.

Honestly, procrastination is always bad; but during exams is the worst! So what can you do with all those stressful and huge tasks? Break them in small manageable chunks that are easy to start! Make a study plan per days and make sure you allocate enough time for each subject.

Oh! I almost forgot! If you find that Learning Commons or The Main Library are too crowded and you cannot find a place, try the new Business School building! It is great!

Good luck with exams!


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