My favourite memories of Manchester


It’s always hard to think how to summarise your past couple of months in a post. Life is interesting because one event changes another, bringing variety of experiences to you. This post is quite different from the previous months. It’s about the city, it’s about some random days of my life in Manchester, it’s about places that make it so special.

If you are ever in Manchester, I highly recommend you to explore the city centre! I absolutely love walking around this city, taking pictures of extremely beautiful streets, architecture, and just feeling the vibe of the industrial city. Walking allow you to see the city from a slightly different side. I like to slow down from time to time to feel the presence of time, especially when cars on the road are driving fast. You acknowledge what’s surrounding you and finally spot little details that you miss on your rushed way to the university, or simply stare at the blue afternoon sky.

Well, talking about city walks… Is it even possible to not get hungry during long walks? I for sure don’t think so! Moose Coffee, also known as a place with queues, and also known as the best pancake place in Manchester. And it definitely is the best place where you can satisfy your sweet cravings! Three massive american pancakes, a lot of maple syrup and butter, and a topping of your choice… Sweet, savoury, both – you decide what you want to go for!

Have a weekend off? I strongly advise you to go to a countryside and spend a day out in the wild simply wondering around tall grass and making dandelion crown. English landscapes are a whole different world, they can mesmerise you, especially those green colours! It’s especially much more fun if you’re doing it with friends: little picnics are something that brings you all even closer, you share some different kind of memories that I would even call intimate. It’s the silence, it’s the sounds of nature, it’s the views. It is wonderful.

Ah, memories! Moments that you’ll always keep in your head, especially remembering them as your exam period approaches closer and closer. 


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