March 2017: Food on campus


By Yashaswini Agarwal

Those short breaks between lectures and seminars make me very ambivalent! There are a number of things I can do, prepare for the next class (not the most preferred), go back home for a short nap (most tempting), grab a magazine in the library, catch up with a friend, explore an event that might be on at the Students Union or University Place or just gaze at a point and dream for a while before realizing that it’s sheer waste of time! Amongst all those possible things to do, I would never consider sitting down for a good lunch meal. In my first year, I used to conveniently ignore my growling tummy and just pull through the day promising myself a fulfilling dinner. But after this one embarrassing incident during class, when my stomach wouldn’t stop protesting and was as loud as the fire alarm; that I had a random stranger next to me offer me a snack bar! Honestly, this was a turning point! Now when planning my day, there is an emphasis on either packing myself some lunch, or popping by the café to have a meal whenever possible. And just to clarify, coffee doesn’t constitute food.

This is when I started exploring the on campus food facilities and found some really good, quick, convenient and cheap ones.

If you had classes in the AMBS vicinity, you could try out the new café in the building itself on floor E. If you take a quick stroll towards All Saints Park, you will come across a line of small restaurants and take away like Subway, Umami, Falafel Express, Babylon, Eight Day Café etc. My personal favourite would be the Eight Day Café as they have a set menu of fresh and healthy food prepared each day ready to be served, so you save time in deciding. Best part is that they are a vegan café and unlike the assumption that vegan food is expensive, I would say its value for money!

If you are around the University Place, or Brunswick Street, you have two good options. First, the humongous café in the University Place – it has the perfect touch of a cafeteria with rows and rows of seating spaces and a super lively environment around noon. Plus, there is always someone playing the piano right outside. And second, you could try the Green House Café at the George Kenyon Hall. Again, freshly cooked food and great coffee. Besides, if you finish lunch early, you could go up to the PC cluster area and get some work done! Alternatively, on Tuesdays look out for the Levy Market on the Bridgeford Street. Colourful food carts and amazing aroma in the air, will surely get your attention.

If you are more south towards Stopford, Main Library or AG Learning Commons, you might want to try the SU Café or the one right opposite the road in the International Society Building. The café at the International Society has a gigantic world map on the wall; you never know, before you finish your next meal you might have a trip planned!

When in doubt or running short of time, go for the £3 meal deal!!

By the way, snow graced Manchester! Everyone’s waiting for spring, but no, nature has it decided for us!



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