March 2017: Minnesota Weekends



The last few weekends of February have been spent exploring Minnesota as we just booked our Spring break trip (very happy but very poor)! It’s actually been really nice to discover Minneapolis a little more. Minnesota weather has been a little crazy.  As am I writing my blog update it is currently snowing and is -4 degree Celsius but last weekend it hit around 20 degrees Celsius even though it’s meant to be winter. Everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts and all the fraternities were “day-drinking”. We took a walk to Stone-arch Bridge to make use of the rare warmth in February. Stone-arch Bridge sits over the Mississippi river and has a beautiful setting of the Minneapolis skyline; it is one of my favourite places in Minnesota. Parts of the Mississippi as well as the lakes (there’s 10,000 in Minnesota) freeze over due to the cold winter temperatures. It’s really fascinating as people walk on the lakes and even drive their cars over them. Everything looks so beautiful covered in ice and snow. My flat mates and I have also fostered a dog for a few weeks. She’s called Shira and is a German Shepard cross breed. She is really cute so it will be sad to see her go.


We also had our last Broom-ball game last week, unfortunately we ended up losing but it was still a really fun experience. It is so challenging to try and score while also trying not to fall and to make sure that the other team doesn’t get the ball. It was a really unique experience and something “Minnesotan” I can take back to Ireland with me.


Although football season is over there is now Ice-hockey. We went to our first game on Saturday, Minnesota Gophers v Wisconsin Badgers (a massive competitor)! The game was really fun. In the stadium there is a student section where all the students sit and sing chants and dance to keep the team spirit high. The game was pretty intense with both teams keeping the score close but luckily the Minnesota Gophers took the victory! We have one last football game in April, “the spring game”. I am really looking forward to getting to experience American football for one last time (even though I still don’t understand it).

As I previously mentioned, we finally booked our Spring Break trip. Next Friday we are flying to Vegas for three nights and are then driving to Palm Springs and Santa Monica in California for the remainder of the week. I am really excited to see more of the West coast and to experience some warmer weather (at least more consistent warm weather)! HopeMar04

Each day, week and month seems to go by so quickly here. I feel so accustomed to the American way of life, I can’t imagine having to say goodbye to it all. I am so grateful to feel so happy here and to have been friends for a lifetime.


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