March 2017: Life in second year


By Wei Tan

It’s me again, I felt like this month passed by the fastest this academic year, it might be due to the short trip home, the buzz of trying to settle down after exams for a new semester or maybe just because February always feels shorter with just 28 days. However, there were some exciting things that happened this month! 

 Firstly, I went back home to Malaysia for a short trip right after exams for 1 week to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. I missed the celebration last year and when the exam timetable for January 2017 came out, I looked up cheap flight tickets and booked my trip home without hesitation and I must say it was the best decision made. 

 Chinese New Year at home is amazing, what I miss the most is definitely being able to celebrate and carry out yearly traditions with my family.

 A day before the new year, we have something called the reunion dinner where everyone come home and have a meal together. Unfortunately for me, due to the time difference of Malaysia and the UK, while everyone was having a great dinner, I was sitting in the Academy doing my last paper for the semester hahaha. Right after my paper I went home, picked up my bag and headed to the airport on the day itself. It was a 14 hour flight and I arrived in Malaysia on the night of the first day of the new year. So my new year celebration started on the second day of the new year, and the feasting began! The week was basically filled with reunion of friends and extended family, trips to temples, amazing Chinese food and heart warming laughter. 

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Unfortunately for me, I got really really sick when I came back to Manchester a week later. Two 14 hour flight in 1 week after exams without good rest: Do Not Recommend. 

 The next thing that happened was that one of my Japanese friend came and visited Manchester! I have known her for 5 years. When I was 16, I was on an exchange programme in Japan and her family hosted me while I was there. We’ve kept in touch and when she told me that she will be visiting Manchester, I was so excited to see her. It was a long overdue meet up! 

 So on the day itself, I picked her up from Piccadilly station, and we went for ramen in Shoryu Ramen! 8/10 (On the pricey side). After that, I brought her to Manchester Cathedral and we did some shopping in the city centre. Next, I brought her to the Central library, Albert square and we had afternoon tea in the town hall, then went to the art gallery. It was a shame that the time we spent together was rather short but it was still an amazing time. 


2017 vs 2012 (HAHAHA)

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Finally, how can we forget exam results when it comes to February. A few course mates and I decided to have a good brunch before we face our dreaded results. I love how the university has really good cafes around it like the cafe in the museum, and Christie’s. 

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I have to admit, second year was a huge jump compared to the first. Our lecturers constantly remind us that it will be a huge step forward but what they didn’t tell us was that we will be trying to juggle our social life, studies, whilst trying to find a job and trying to get enough sleep in the process of taking this step forward. 70/50 credit split: Do Not Recommend. I had 6 papers and two 50% essays to write this semester. That being said, I am still very happy with my results this semester and thankful for the help and support along the way. It was a challenge but I enjoyed the process. Hopefully this semester will be equally good if not better! 


Till next time, x 


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