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Hi, my name is Kelsey McLaughlin and I am currently a third-year student at the University of Manchester studying International Management with American Business studies, a 4-year course with a compulsory year studying in America. Moving to Manchester was a big adjustment for me, coming from a small village in Ireland I was not used to the fast-paced city life and was apprehensive about moving to a big city where I knew no one else. When I first came to Manchester, I was placed in Oak House. There were 8 of us altogether in the flat, 4 boys and 4 girls including myself. Being in Halls taught me so much about how to cook and budget for myself, and enabled me to meet other students who had also moved to a city where they weren’t familiar with many other people. Manchester is an amazing city for sports fans, music lovers and foodies. And there is plenty of clothes to choose from in the Trafford Centre and Arndale Centre if you’re a keen shopper like me.

Currently, I am in America completing my third year at the Ohio State University. When I was first allocated OSU I was disheartened as I didn’t receive my first choice. But I couldn’t be happier to have accepted my place here. Going to university in America is so different from going to university in Manchester but I have got the chance to experience things here that I would have never gotten the chance to experience otherwise like going to American football games, ice hockey games and baseball games and travelling to other parts of the U.S. during our holidays like Nashville and Chicago. Academically, OSU is different from Manchester as they rely heavily on midterm tests, group projects and guest speakers but it is always interesting to experience new styles of learning. Many of the classes I am enrolled in here are revolved around Marketing, HR and Sales. It was compulsory to choose business related courses but so far, I am enjoying the classes I am enrolled in.


Throughout my whole university I have always had a part time job which has enabled me to have additional income to spend on food and socialising. In my first year at Manchester I applied for on-demand work which you download an app and choose to work the shifts that suit you. This type of work had enabled me to create a good work-life balance as I can choose which shifts, I work and tailor them to my university timetable. In this work I was lucky enough to work in some amazing venues around the city including the Etihad, Manchester Arena and the Lowry.

Throughout my first two years in Manchester I was heavily involved in the Gaelic Football Club and I am currently involved in the American Marketing Association at OSU which has provided me with enormous opportunities and insight into the marketing sector by providing weekly speakers from major multinational corporations that inform us about how they market in their firms and provide us with information on the types of internships available for students. Student organisations are a fun way to meet new people in your university and learn about topics that can help you in your future career. I am currently half way through my year in America and I’m excited to keep exploring the country, hopefully get an internship for the summer over here and I have signed up for a boxing class through the university next semester which I can’t wait to start.


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