December – the time to look forward


It’s December and the end of the semester. As always, it’s nice for the holidays to begin but still that does not imply that I lose focus for the holidays. Experience from previous years means I will be straight on it in regards to completing all my assignments early and on time as the semester break tends to come pass by very quickly. I opted to return back home for the holiday period as I thought time with my family would be really refreshing. However, weeks before I took out six books from the library that discussion with my course coordinators suggested would be helpful for the tasks I undertake. I strongly recommend you all do the same and act quickly in borrowing these books even if u have plans to return home. Gives you an advantage with the fact you have good academic readings on you to start with and if ever the online library went down there’s still sources of which you can obtain relevant information for your assignments. Worth noting, I just renewed these six books online which made my life far easier as I did not have to fear about having to return all the way back to Manchester to return/renew them close to the expiry of the loan date.

Apart from the assignments and tasks I have due that has not stopped me searching for more opportunities the University and organisations can afford me for the summer. I can’t stress how important is to keep the efforts and search ongoing even if there’s been no breakthrough as of yet as the 2nd semester will come and pass by really quickly. From there if you have finished your course like I would have, the question would be “what next?”. So far, I am in the process of finishing an application for Manchester’s “study china” three-week programme for the summer and have been looking into options for a Master’s in the future either here at Manchester and abroad. Strongly recommend all of you keep up the same efforts even at the beginning of the semester to find new opportunities as they can come at any moment. 

Without a doubt what I look forward to most on my return to Manchester is the new AMBS building. I have seen fairly recent pictures of it from other colleagues and I can’t wait to enter and study there. The building looks unique and of such high quality. I’ve looked at the layout maps and like how it is organised. I could end up spending most my time there rather than Ali G due to the fact that the learning space there is incredible. In regards to last year and the travels I engaged in. There’s not much to say for December as like this year I returned home.


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