A Warm December


A month has passed so quickly and here I am, writing another post! It’s already January, exams are approaching, Christmas is over… But instead of continuing with these upsetting facts, I’d rather bring the Christmas mood back and talk about my very productive holidays.

As much as I wish this was the case, it wasn’t the reality that hit me very hard on the first week of my time off. For the first 5 days I was rushing my way to meet 2 deadlines since procrastination was my second name throughout the second half of the semester. Thankfully, there’s a “New Year new Me” resolution in which I officially promised myself to be more responsible with approaching deadlines. Well, we shall see how it goes but I have my fingers crossed that it will finally work out. But despite the stressful ending of the semester, it was fun and full of new things.


Ah, the winter holidays! It’s always nice to spend Christmas back home and feel a completely different Christmas atmosphere. High streets decorated with lots of lights, little kiosks put on streets, ice skating rings and ice slides everywhere… The city turns into a magical little world, you forget about your problems, glaze at every window shop, take pictures with cartoon characters and simply feel like a small child.

I don’t consider winter as winter until I see snow, even a tiny bit of it. Unfortunately, December was warm, meaning that even if there was a snowfall it turned into dirt on the next day. The combination of no sun and clouded, grey sky, meant that the month turned out to be pretty dull. On one of the days, with very heavy snowfall, I was helping at a photo shoot in a big studio, which are usually located in unusual places. It was no surprise that I ended up having my personal photo shoot of the location’s outside, trying to convey the winter and the atmosphere of the place. That’s just the way I sometimes see some urban areas: they’ve got their own special vibe that can hardly be expressed in words yet can be perfectly conveyed through pictures. 

The more I grow up, the more I understand how important it is to visit the closest members of your family and regularly come back to your ancient roots. Having quality time with your family is so priceless, especially when everyone lives in different cities and the whole family reunion is a once-a-year thing. Traditional cuisine, little walks around the city visiting historical spots, tea with cakes and biscuits with everyone gathered around… December is just permeated with warmth, kindness and genuineness.

What a beautiful month it was! On this nice note, I’d like to finish the post – revision is calling, and I’ve made a resolution to be more responsible with deadlines, haven’t I? 😉 See you next month! 



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