The end of second semester


Hi guys! This month has not been very interesting since exams are just around the corner, classes are ending with coursework deadlines approaching. On the bright side Spring is hereeeee (not really) but flowers have been blooming and we had a few days with amazing weather this month.

I can’t believe that classes are over for the second semester, just like that first year is almost over. I had an amazing time here in Manchester settling down and meeting some really great people. Now all that’s left is the exams, some summer plans and home for 3 months! I’ve been missing home lately and am definitely excited to head home in June.

Moving on to some things that happened in April, Game of Thrones season 6 is finally out! Woooooo, a few friends and I headed to the SU for the first ep of Game of Thrones S6 screening in Academy 2. The place was absolutely packed when we got there but watching it with so many people on the big screen just makes the whole experience a lot more interesting.

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Besides that, I have been involved in a workshop called the Centre for Innovation in Pedagogy (CIP). It is the first ever of its kind to be held in the University of Manchester. As the name suggests, in the workshop, there were suggestions about how to include innovation in teaching, presentations from students about what we think is important in the lecture theatre or even on blackboard. Discussions about the course structure, how to achieve a greater response rate on the OEQs etc. It feels really good to know that there are some lecturers that genuinely care about your learning experience and really value your opinion and what you think even though you are just a student. It was a great experience ad since the CIP is fairly new, I look forward to seeing how this develop and move on to achieving greater things. If you’d like to know more about this, you could search twitter with the hashtag #cipmcr

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Last but not least there was a spring ball organised by Victoria Park halls! It was a joint spring ball themed Old Hollywood between Dalton Ellis Hall, Victoria Hall and Opal Gardens in the Palace Hotel. A few of my friends and I went for the ball and really enjoyed ourselves! The food was great, the music was good and it felt like a really good way to wrap up semester 2. I am not looking forward to the exams, but I can’t wait for the summer!

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