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As part of my degree, I will be spending a year out on placement before coming back to university to complete my final year. I am doing my placement with PwC. Naturally, you would think that a lot of the graduate scheme and placement joiners come from an accounting and finance degree background but I found that to be far from the truth when I started. In fact, only 1 person in the Sheffield office studied accounting and finance in university. Some of them even come from a science background. The point is, your degree will not affect your eligibility to apply with PwC!

As part of our induction week programme, we did a volunteering day out to help with a local charity. On that day, we were sent out to somewhere near the Peak District for ‘bracken bashing’. Basically, we had to get rid of the bracken which if left to grow on its own, will eventually take over the rest of the land and become uncontrollable. Here’s a picture of us on a short walk after the day’s event.

sean-ni-01 sean-ni-02

As part of my placement, I will be taking the ACA exams which would grant me membership to be a certified accountant under ICAEW. The support system at PwC is incredibly useful as there is always someone to turn to if you are facing problems, be it issues with settling into working life, client engagements, or even exam stress. No one is ever alone here and people are always willing to help out!

There are also many social events to take part in. Just last Tuesday, a group of us took part in a fitness class at TRIB3, a boot camp fitness place. On the last Sunday of October, we will be taking part in the ASDA Sheffield 10K run in support of Support Dogs, a charity which trains disability assistance dogs such as seizure alert dogs. Be sure to keep an eye out for more pictures in the next post!



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