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We’re on our way to summer; the sun is shining in Manchester (more often than it is raining)! Umbrellas to ice-creams, coats to well, lighter coats – it’s all going on. Accordingly, alongside the weather picking up, so has the workload. With three essays to hand in within the space of one week, I had my time all mapped out – game plan in hand.

The Easter holiday was to be a time of getting stuck in with my reading to make the task a manageable one. However, this was all turned upside with a fairly sudden family bereavement, making this already challenging time ever more so.

A beautiful Manchester sunset

A beautiful Manchester sunset

I thought it important to write about this for anyone who should unfortunately find themselves in the same position during this critical year. Particularly as I know that many of you will be coming away from home, with the distance complicating things further. It has been a difficult time but I can honestly say that the friends that I have made and the support of the University have been invaluable.

From my personal academic supervisor providing advice on how I could manage my workload under the circumstances, to our School Administrator’s support, I am very thankful for the help that has been provided. It is very reassuring to know that you have a support network throughout any time of adversity; reaffirming the ‘family’ feeling of the course.

Despite the circumstances, I have been spurred on to work even harder to achieve my goals. Handing in the final essay felt like a big accomplishment, and I am now preparing for my final exams of the year.

It was also of great importance to maintain ‘normality’ and keep on doing the thing that make me happy. I have continued to take part in weekly dance classes, recently performing at a University ball. It was a fantastic evening, and we were kindly invited to stay for dinner. There was a wonderful performance from the University jazz and orchestra band, showcasing the array of talent that the University has on offer and the opportunities to get involved.

At our last belly dance class of the year – not belly dancing!

At our last belly dance class of the year – not belly dancing!

Also, after years of ballet dancing, I am also more than excited to go and see an icon in the ballet world, Carlos Acosta, perform as part of his farewell tour in Salford Quays this weekend.  Manchester has such an array of events on offer, and attracts some great performers in music and dance. It really is the place to be!


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