November 2016: Going into my final year


It’s been a month into my final year and it’s hard for me to believe that my degree is coming to an end. Many people from my senior batches told me that time flies, but by the time I realised, it had gone by. But I must say, 2 beautiful years with countless memories.

Leaving Dubai after a 3 month break overwhelmed me, but the day I landed here, seeing the purple clad student ambassadors spreading the fragrance of comfort and friendship made me feel at home. It was extremely warming to come back to my hall and participate in the welcome week activities with the fresher’s and returners. Oxford road changed quite a lot since I last saw it before summer, but was glad to see the bus stops functioning again!!

When repair work was under way!

The first two weeks were particularly confusing as I was struggling to choose my modules for my final year. With my degree, I have the flexibility to choose my modules and shape my degree. There were so many classes that I wished to enrol on but with a limit of 120 credits, I found myself in a pickle. Some classes were already full while the others clashed with my lecture timings; I went to meet my AMBS saviours (D20 undergrad office) and in no time enrolment was taken care of and my schedule was ready!!

From the first day, everything was set in motion and I had my deadlines marked on the planner. Fortunately with many of the modules I have selected, I have the opportunity of formative submissions and presentations which help me get constructive feedback that I can work upon for the semester exams.

Taking some time off studies, I recently visited York with my friends. This medieval city with its olden walls and narrow walkways won my heart immediately. With a bottle of water in one hand and mobile GPS in another, pretending to be typical tourists we walked through the city to visit the major attractions. York Minster’s architecture and the city view from the top of Clifford Tower was stunning. After waiting in queue for about 40 minutes, we experienced one of UK’s best afternoon tea places at Bettys. All this would not have been possible if the sun wasn’t out!! Kudos to the weather!

Clicked against the St Mary’s Abbey

Spectacular view from River Ouse

With the group at Yorkshire Museum


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