No goodbyes… just “see you soon”!


Today is a sunny July day in Manchester and I have spent the morning and the early afternoon with my dear friend Sara in the pleasant location dedicated to students’ study: the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (AGLC). Actually, it is my favourite building at The University of Manchester because it is full of coloured furniture, sofas and chairs and writing a dissertation does not seem to be a too heavy commitment here. Also, I am writing my thesis with one of my best friends in Manchester and after several hours spent on researching and writing we are finally enjoying an ice-cream under a bright blue sky and with a light breeze brushing our hair.


AGLC is also the first building that I visited with my dear flatmate Takaya as soon as I arrived in Manchester. It is also Takaya’s favourite building and probably the one where he spent most of his nights writing essays! This building reminds me of all the memories of this incredible year spent at the University. It reminds me of the times spent in teams working in the AGLC coloured rooms, where I had the possibility to meet some of my dearest friends and to share with them enjoyable, as well as hard, moments that we faced successfully.

It has been a year where I learned about living in a new country, loving its traditional food and Manchester’s rainy months and snowy days. It is a vibrant city with an impressive number of opportunities to spend free time. For instance, it is visited by international artists and singers and I had the possibility to go to the concerts of two of my favourite music bands: Imagine Dragons and Coldplay. Manchester is a truly multicultural city where I had the chance to meet fantastic people coming from UK, Spain, China, Russia, France, Malaysia, Greece, France, Romania, India, Indonesia, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

It is has been a year where I learned to cope with my fears, to manage my time and multiple challenging tasks, to lead a team, to develop my public speaking skills, to cultivate my interests and hobbies, to be an active member of student societies and clubs, to learn how to go through a business interview and finally get a job with a multinational company.

The MSc Business Analytics course has fully met my expectations and it has allowed me to acquire the crucial set of skills and competences giving me the opportunity to secure a job as data scientist for an international consulting company based in my country, Italy. I am thankful to all my Professors for the engaging lectures, precious advice, constant support and all the wisdom that they could transmit to us. I am grateful for the new friends that I met and I really hope that at the end of the course, there will be not goodbyes, but just ‘see you soon’, as I would say not goodbye to Manchester, just a ‘See you soon’ to this amazing city!


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