My life as an international MBA consultant… and an international traveller


Olga Ramirez Pilares, VP Academics, Class of 2017

OlgaGood day everyone! It is amazing to write a few lines for you talking about the International Business Project experience. I hope the Class of 2017 is enjoying the project.

This new adventure, called the IBP (International Business Project) started at the end of last year. During December, all the teams went through a tough bidding process in order to select the international consultancy project that was the best fit for their plan. One interesting part is that all the projects require teams to travel to at least one country outside the UK, so everyone was really excited about this opportunity.

At the beginning of January, all of us started the travel planning process. This was really challenging because it required a big effort from the entire team in terms of visa requirements, budget allocation, arranging interviews abroad, booking hotels and flights, and flawless internal and external coordination, among others. This was just one part of the whole process. In parallel, we were also working on the rest of the project deliverables.

And before we knew it, the day of the travel arrived! Sometimes I am surprised how fast time flies! I could see all the MBA consultants starting their trips through my social networks – from Shanghai and Guatemala City to Dubai and Oman. I could see teams meeting with a client in Paris, discussing next steps over coffee in Madrid or waking up in the USA to take the next flight to Japan.

At one point, it was impossible to not be proud of how the MBAs were flying around the world delivering the best of their consultancy skills (even in countries where the local language was a barrier). It is wise to know that some clients can be time-consuming, but when you listen well to them, work hard and get good feedback from them, it is priceless and rewarding!

The next challenge is to deliver the final recommendations to each client. Whether looking through meeting notes, analysing survey results or reviewing a mystery shopping exercise, all our efforts are focused on delivering our best. Just five weeks are left, and a part of me does not want this adventure to finish. As with all the projects, mine too has a final deadline and I just want to say: it is painful, hard and very time-consuming….but the reward in terms of learning is outstanding.I am 100% sure all the teams are going to exceed the client’s expectations and, by the end of this journey, I will miss all my teammates dearly.

Have a great day!

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