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This is my last blog entry, which means the MSc is almost finished too. At the moment I’m beginning my data analysis, and will be handing up my completed dissertation in 6 weeks. The year has flown by, it doesn’t seem as though ten months have gone by since I first arrived in Manchester in September. I have truly enjoyed this year, learned so much and met so many great people while doing this course, and I do not regret choosing The University of Manchester for one second.

I have received quite a few queries from incoming students who are apprehensive about the Masters and want to know what they can do to prepare. My best advice is to relax and enjoy the summer, as it could be the last completely free summer you will have for a while. The year is intense, and there will be plenty of hard work, so I think it’s a good idea to relax while you can. In any case, for the first few weeks, the lecturers go really slowly through the coursework, as they assume everyone in the class will be at different levels – some will be straight from undergrad, some will have taken a year out, some will be returning to study after working for a few years.

If anyone is particularly nervous, reading a review paper on one of the first semester modules – either ‘Selection and Assessment’ or ‘Training, Support and Development’ would be beneficial. This is not necessary however; I did not do anything in preparation and never felt out of my depth. In fact, earlier this week we received our exam results and I was delighted to see that I am averaging a distinction so far; hopefully I can keep it up with my dissertation. It is really exciting to see my research beginning to take shape, I am giving a presentation on it at the BPS Postgraduate and Trainee Conference next week and I can’t wait to share it with people.

As for my plans for after the course finishes, for the time being I am going to stay in Manchester. I am working as a Research and Business Development Intern for a local management consultancy called Act Lean, a position I found through the University’s Careers Service. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a job to use this service, as sometimes there will be roles there that are not advertised on standard jobs websites. Additionally, the service specially for Alliance Manchester Business School is particularly helpful for one-to-one sessions on CV and cover letter advice and interview preparation.

For any incoming students reading, best of luck with your studies. I hope you have an amazing year just like I did.

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