UK Consulting Project Reflection – Ankit Katyal


UK Consulting Project: We Worked Hard, Learnt & Created Lasting Contentment

By Ankit Katyal (Class of 2017), VP of Communications

I strongly believe everything in life is an opportunity! At the start, they may seem extremely challenging such as the UK Consulting Project which is integral to the MBA. But, it is only once you start to ‘break down’ the problem into tiny bits, you’ll realise how beneficial it is to ‘simplify’ and ‘refine’ the problem statement.

I came with the mindset to ‘learn’ which in turn gets lost sometimes within the intensity of the project deadlines and pressures of realism. But, this project has been a joyride from start to finish. It wasn’t at all smooth for my group in the first few weeks, struggling to change our scope every week. At the finish, I can confidently say that we learnt so much from each other; being united in approach and leveraging on each others’ strengths.

Success in projects like these rests solely on one thing – ‘Group Unity’; a collectivist attitude. From Day 1 we agreed to work together with ground rules and respect each other, but also made sure to have fun, go out for team celebrations and crack jokes on each other. It was a pleasure to work with differing opinions challenging ideas and coming to agreements with only one goal in mind at all times – generate ‘value for the client’ and give them implementable recommendations that they can actually take forward to grow their business.

UK Consulting Project

One truly beings to appreciate the consulting techniques that AMBS teaches, once you put them into practice. I was surprised at how much the concepts of ‘specify, don’t classify’, ‘size of the prize’ and ‘no naked percentages’ helped us tailor our research and ideology for robust, actionable insights for the client.

The key takeaways all consolidate into one thing for me personally – ‘Stand United in Approach’; agree on the scope from the get-go, understand the business problem in full, be prepared to challenge each other, always voice your ideas pro-actively and produce recommendations of substance.

At the end, the feeling of satisfaction trumps all else. When our client gave us feedback on the lines of “Very clear, clean and crisp recommendations; a satisfactory job – usually consultants produce hundreds of recommendations, most of which are hardly implementable. But, you guys focused on 5 key recommendations and built a solid case around them”; we knew we’d nailed the job and went to celebrate.


In conclusion, I’ve learnt to always disagree to agree and voice your opinions. This has been an extremely useful exercise helping us prepare very well for the capstone element of the MBA – The International Business project (which is around the corner; starting in December). The latter will demand 4 months of intensive group work assuming the role of consultants working on live, very real business issues across major client companies in the UK. Enthused to work in a collaborative environment with hardworking, fantastic brains!


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