Full-time MBA: Why I chose Manchester


Michele Al Sayah, Class of 2016

Dear future MBA candidate,

Choosing the right MBA programme was not an easy decision for me. It is a bit confusing because at first all the MBA programmes look very similar.

Let me go through why I think the Manchester MBA programme stands out from other schools’ programmes. First, the length of the programme is 18 months as opposed to 12 months or 24 months. Thus, it gives you enough time to explore all business fields through the theoretical and practical work especially if, like me, you are considering a career in a different field post-MBA.

The diversity of the class brings together more than 30 nationalities, which offers you great networking opportunities and the chance to build long lasting relationships with people from all over the globe with different backgrounds, cultures and professions.

What I like the most about this programme – and the main reason that I chose it – is its practical approach: we have the opportunity to work with clients on three consultancy projects to solve their business issues. The most interesting and challenging part is that you will be working on those projects with your classmates within a team. Trust me, this is where you will stretch yourself and learn the most about yourself and about others.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to work in a different sector, but couldn’t afford to leave your current job to try something new in a different field?  Having previously worked in FMCG and marketing, I wanted to try out something new. Thus, another reason for choosing this course is the ability to personalise both the summer and autumn term to fit my post-MBA aspirations.  Ample choices are available including doing an internship, an exchange, home or global electives and a personal project or a dissertation. As a result, I am currently doing my internship in the healthcare and technological sectors and I will be completing a personal project in the autumn term in my home country, Lebanon, which will allow me to explore the market closely for post-MBA opportunities.

brathayAs much as the academic work is important over here, this MBA programme gives students space to organise different cultural nights representing the diversity of the cohort. In addition, the class embarks on its academic year with an induction that includes outdoor activities in the Lake District. Also, everyone will get the chance to participate in MBAT, the sports tournament organized by HEC Paris and attended by several business schools yearly.

To sum up, I chose the Manchester MBA programme because of its hand-on approach that allows me to work on practical projects in parallel to the theoretical courses. It also gives me the opportunity to personalise the programme in the 2nd year to fit my future plans, as well as the chance to participate in as many social activities as possible. I have spent one year already in MBS; I surely don’t regret my decision and I plan to make the most of the rest of the programme.

Sincerely yours,

Michele, Class of 2016.


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