Full-time MBA: An MBA’s Business Cycles


Shomayla Arooz, Full-time MBA Class of 2017, talks through her MBA journey so far.

Shomayla AroozLet me tell you about business cycles in economics. They are short cycles that businesses go through with a characteristic wave like pattern reminding you of frequencies and wavelengths in physics with crests and troughs which are the highs and lows. Thinking about them today made me realize that this MBA journey has been roughly the same.

There have been days when a good presentation or work done before a deadline has felt like the seventh heaven, and there have been days when the sheer number of things to be done have outstripped the number of hours in a day. With these MBA business cycles, I wonder now how I have progressed in these few months from being clueless about economics and other subjects to equating my life with business concepts. I guess this is what the Alliance MBS method does. It makes the learning a part of your life and what better way to learn than this.

The learning happens on all levels. The traditional text book teaches you the new concepts that you read in the economic times and never could made sense of. The lecturers add the flavour to it by linking it to the real world and suddenly China’s devalued currency makes more business sense (Although why the market sentiment has to become a self fulfilling prophecy is still beyond me!!).

Dover Street Building has become my second home and the incredulity that I felt when told by the seniors that I would be in the building from 9am to 9pm seems to have vaporised – in fact 9pm seems a bit early on deadline days!! The classmates that you barely spoke to are suddenly your team members and you wonder why you never spoke to them before. They have hidden talents that you never knew and a mind sharper than a tack.

Even after three months the MBA surprises you, and I happen to like surprises. While everyone is going through the same motions, it is interesting to see how differently everyone copes up with it. Some of them are as laid back as lazy lions while others keep prancing around like frightened gazelles. However, everyone shape shifts from moments of peace to moments of total frenzy but the good part is that we have found friendships here that help us through those times. So the MBA has given each one a lot of food for thought and a very, very full plate of academics and projects to get done.

So in the end does it get easier? Nah…You just get used to it!


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