Full-time MBA Ball 2015: Arriving as strangers and leaving as friends


Florian Brueckner, Vice President Communications, Full-time MBA Class of 2016

On Thursday 2nd April, the MBA Class of 2015 celebrated their 18-month journey in Manchester in fine style at the MBA Ball. The ball took place at Whitworth Hall on the University of Manchester campus, a few minutes’ stroll from MBS. The old architecture and grandeur of the location, with its Harry-Potter like appearance, contributed to an absolutely stunning atmosphere. MBS’ colours of purple and white greeted everyone in the entrance hall, and entering the specially-decorated great hall made everyone look forward to an incredible night. And the night truly did not disappoint.

Michelle El Sayah and Adrian Keighley from the Class of 2016 led us through the night as hosts. In the opening speech, Elaine Fernley was keen to stress that today was not the day the Class of 2015 left MBS, but the day they became part of a bigger network. By creating a long-lasting affiliation with MBS, students can contribute to its strong alumni base. Elaine reminded everyone how they had arrived as strangers 18 months ago, and were now able to leave as friends. She encouraged the Class of 2015 to keep up the support they had shown throughout their MBA and maintain a strong bond.

MBS Graduation Ball -138

Florian & Cheryl Latham, President, Class of 2016

After Elaine‘s speech, student representatives Joseph English (Class 2015) and Cheryl Lister (Class 2016) addressed both MBA classes, staff and professors of MBS. Joe took the time to again remind his classmates of the common experiences they’ve shared, which truly cannot be done justice within a five minute speech.

Cheryl spoke about the unbreakable bond between the two classes and also, more importantly, the continuous support that the departing class has given us throughout the MBA journey so far. Addressing both classes equally, she stressed that our time at MBS will provide us with a strong foundation for any future career. Boldness and determination will help us overcome future challenges, either during full-time positions or the second half of the MBA programme.

Throughout the superb three-course menu, the Class of 2015 led the award ceremony to reward the most memorable moments of its journey and the people that have contributed to it. Without doubt, it is the people that make the MBA not only ‘blood, sweat and tears’, but also an incredible amount of fun.

After dinner the night continued on the dancefloor where not only students, but also staff and professors, pulled out some surprisingly good dance moves.

Thanks very much to everyone for making this night an unforgettable memory and a worthy finale to the MBA in Manchester for the Class of 2015. Particular appreciation goes to the organising team for making it possible, and to MBS staff for their support. With such an amazing blueprint, the Class of 2016 can look forward to their own MBA ball.



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