MBA Banking and Finance Society 2014 Stock Picking Competition


On 2nd June 2014 the MBA banking and finance society launched its annual stock picking competition, which replicates real life management of a stock portfolio. This year, the competition is being rolled out to other UK business schools for the first time and the society hopes this growth will continue in future years. The competition has already brought out a spirit of healthy rivalry, with participants checking in on portfolios several times a day and executing investing strategies in an attempt to be number one.

The purpose of the MBS Stock Trading competition is to give the participants a better understanding of the London Stock Exchange and the various macro and micro economic factors that impact stock prices. It will help MBA candidates learn more about UK listed companies and provide light-hearted inter-school competition, as well as lots of fun and networking opportunities. It is also a chance for the banking and society to apply the Manchester Method – ‘learning by doing’.

A video has been recorded by Professor Ian Garett to help participants and the three winners will be announced later this month.


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