May 2017: Easter Break


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The best thing about this month was definitely the Easter break! So that will be what this blogpost is mainly about. My parents came to the UK for a short visit during Easter and I brought them around Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool! I had a great time this break and they made it even better, so let’s begin!

First stop, Manchester. There’s not much to say about Manchester since I bring ALL my visitors to the same places, the Cathedral, Albert Square, Old Trafford, Trafford Centre, MediaCity and for really good asian food! My parents have been to Manchester before, so we mainly spent our time shopping and eating (a very Malaysian thing to do) I brought my parents to Richmond’s Tea Room for the first time, and my dad’s reaction to the afternoon tea set was hilarious you almost could hear him going “How on earth are we going to finish this” in his head, then proceeds to snap a photo of it.

We were in Edinburgh for 4 days, which is plenty of time to explore the city. I love Edinburgh, the old town was really pretty and had great architecture. The weather was treating us well, perfect for photos! Firstly, we decided to go to Calton Hill which is located in central Edinburgh and gives a great view of the city. The Scottish national monument is also on Calton hill. I brought my camera with me this time, and I was pretty happy with some of the photos taken on this trip! I am currently using a compact camera (Lumix GF3) and I’ve had this camera since I was 15.

On the second day, we decided that we would like to have a day trip to the Scottish Highlands so we booked a tour with the local guides which covered loads of places in a day. Firstly, we drove pass Cairngorm Mountains and had breakfast in a small town, then we drove through the capital of the highlands, Inverness. After that, we went to Loch Ness and went on a boat cruise and tried to spot the famous monster Nessie, we also had a brief stop at Urguhat Castle. The tour guide then brought us to see UK’s highest mountain, Ben Navis and drove through Glen Coe, Sterling Castle and headed back to Edinburgh. Trough out the trip, our tour guide would tell us about the history of the places we drove pass, including the wars fought in Scotland, the imprisonment of Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Massacres that happened in Glen Coe. We also had multiple stops for food and photos along the way. It was a great trip, I definitely recommend it if you want to cover as much as possible in a day!

On the third day, we decided to visit the Edinburgh Castle, have lunch at the Witchery and spend some time shopping at the royal mile. Edinburgh Castle is a must, if you visit Scotland, even if you don’t want to pay the entrance fee, please at least look at it from the outside hahaha! The lunch at the Witchery was really nice, the setting of the restaurant was beautiful and the food was good, I highly recommend!

An exciting thing was that we found out they were filming the AVENGERS right outside our hotel, every day they would block off a section of the Royal Mile from 6pm to 6am, where filming took place. I didn’t meet any of the stars but one day, they brought in a wrecked truck, my guess was that it might be important so I documented it with a selfie. If the hulk rips this truck into half in the movies, you saw it here first.

That’s all for the Edinburgh trip, since we had an early train back on the 4th day, so we just had brunch and left. Edinburgh is currently my favourite city in the UK, I love it!

Final stop, Liverpool! We were only there for about half a day because of the train strike on Grand National Day. The weather was also really good that day, 18 degrees! We went to the usual place of interest, Albert Dock, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Museum, The Beatles Story and the Port of Liverpool. It was a great day out, with many people dressed so well for the Grand National but nothing too special.

After my parents left, I had to finish all the assignments I have been putting on hold. We handed our last assignment for second year in on the 27th of April. It was a hardcopy as well so it felt like second year is officially over and all that’s left now are the May exams. I can’t believe I’m almost done with second year, I only have a year left and I will miss the university experience so much when it’s over. That aside, wish me luck for the upcoming exams! Till then.



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