May 2017: Another 30 days in London


Another month gone, another full 30 days spent in London and now just one month away from the CFA exam. This is exactly what my status would say if I ever had to post one…

It’s not been all grim in April though. Work has been the usual work and fair enough, still finding myself on the learning curve, but April brought over a blue skyline and more novelty elements to enjoy as usual. Best to mention is my Easter Holiday in London when my very good friend came down to London for four full days which took us from the Zoo to Holland Park and then in the opposite direction, to Greenwich. We could not miss our typically Romanian Easter tradition either which involved bumping red-painted eggs and eating lamb-prepared dishes in addition to the chocolate diet which I personally started just a week before.


London Zoo

Holland Park








Other than that, worth mentioning is the newly released Fast & Furious 8 which left me slightly disappointed though happy to see all the group reunited on the screen again. Perhaps more touching was the film screening at ICA, The Solitude, which depicted the life of the poor in Venezuela from the lenses of a family related to that of the Director himself and even more revealing was the Q&A that followed after.

London keeps its charming nature powered up all the time and proves to be a place of inspiration too. One more thing to mention is the London Marathon which inspired much strength and determination up to the point where I have started considering running a marathon myself too.

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