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May was the month where it marked an end for so many, an opportunity awaiting us all. May was about the maximisation of commitment and drive throughout the previous eight months in this masters degree and our unique academic backgrounds. For me personally, this was my 18th year consecutively in formal education and I am excited to see what the future holds next.

There were students who became weary from pulling ‘all-nighters’ and completing assignments on time and others were shattered from an unsuccessful interview or assessment centre with a company. There were international students, whom remained silent whether they would return to their home country or continue searching for their dream job; the future was unknown. However, the entire group pulled each other out of the pits and kept each other motivated and focused on the final hurdle.

The final straight, after examinations, is when we can undertake our projects. In terms of my own individual performance, I was gratified with my efforts, especially after writing an essay on a topic that I have strong views on with the Australian government and an ethical industry. A great piece of advice for prospective students is not to be afraid of speaking regularly to staff members, they are all willing to assist and collaborate with you, to get the result that you may desire. The essay that I wrote had exceeded all my personal expectations – maybe I should take this into account for the forthcoming exams in June!

A major highlight that arose in May was one of my housemate’s birthdays. He is from China and hardly gets the opportunity to celebrate the special occasion and we had surprised him with a cake. What I suggest to incoming students is that your housemates do become family for a period of time and you should take advantage that you all may be from various countries. I am taking advantage of this as one of my housemates is from Bangladesh and we are planning to sail up the Padma River (between Dhaka and Khulna).

Other highlights were that I attended the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace at Wembley, and an international friendly between Australia and England in Sunderland. Both games were a fantastic experience after two years of attending regular home games. My final memories of the footballing season ended on a high.

The month of June will be quite chaotic as I have two exams remaining and following this we begin our summer facing projects – I know many students are eager to start with their respective companies. Putting the theory and knowledge into practice and transferring skills that we have developed to a greater effect. I am raring to go with this project after receiving the brief. It may be a sector and industry that I fall into in the future, we will wait and see on that.

Finally we will have our Horizon Society Ball, which the girls (refer to Lisa’s blog post) have put a great load of effort into and deserve to be congratulated on their efforts, which you will read more about in my final blog post.

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