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It feels like it was just yesterday when I quit my job and took a few weeks off before moving my entire life to Manchester. So, here we are, weeks into the first semester have just flown by!

A lot of the thoughts that had plagued me as a seventeen-year-old heading off to college for the first time began to haunt me again. What is a new city in a foreign country going to be like? What about the academic workload? What are people and professors going to be like? Am I going to make it?

Of course, just like the first time, those thoughts were banished to the back of my mind within hours of arriving in Manchester. I met an amazing set of friends through a Facebook group on my very first night in Manchester, and that just got the ball rolling. Orientation week began and I started meeting more of my peers. It truly was amazing to meet people from some of the more obscure parts of the world, including Macedonia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Before we knew it, we were shuttled off to an overnight trip at Brathay with our entire class and the MSc Human Resources course. The Brathay residential is a highlight of the first few weeks in Manchester; you discover the quaint town of Ambleside along with some unmatched scenery in the Lake District. And of course, there’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and work together in teams across a variety of mentally-stimulating challenges and activities. I made some fantastic friends at Brathay, some of who are my best friends in class today. Check out some of the stunning scenes at Brathay.

And soon enough, we were all together in class, studying how to build new businesses, deciphering the fundamentals of branding, and learning how to apply different marketing analytics concepts. The fantastic, modern, and green university campus spreads out across Oxford Road and makes the University of Manchester a fantastic place to study. And of course, the faculty match the facility – there’s no better way to learn than to have industry pioneers and experts teaching you the trade.

Outside the classroom, opportunities beckon. There’s a society or group for anything you can possibly imagine – and if you can’t find one – you can start it yourself! Believe it or not, there’s even a Flat Earthers Society on campus. It’s a place to let your mind wander and explore new possibilities (even if they’re unreasonable), and broaden those perspectives. I play cricket for the University of Manchester and play in a weekly football league. And you? You can play any sport you desired to or dreamed of playing, or you can join a debating society, or an acting society, or a musical group, or anything else you want.

Manchester has already taught me so much, both in and outside the classroom. I cannot wait to discover the next edition of this wonderful journey.


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