April 2018: The Easter break and the ‘Manchester family’


Easter break is just about over, and wow does it feel great to be back in Manchester! So much has happened since my last blog post, which includes going back home to the states. Being away from my friends and family has been one of the hardest things about living in Manchester, but as my posts always discuss, the relationships you build here are timeless. I decided to take the 3 week April break to catch up on work, rest, and visit my family back in Rhode Island for one of the three weeks. I really love how simple travelling has become since I’ve lived abroad; even better, I love that the Manchester International airport is only a 15 minute cab ride from my house. The convenience really does make such a difference and my confidence for travelling alone has definitely increased!

Although visiting home was amazing (and extremely bittersweet), there was nothing quite like the feeling of returning to my new life in Manchester. Me and my friends here have created a wonderful support system, as we often refer to each other as our “Manchester family”. Since being back, I have really gotten a head start on my dissertation. I have officially selected my topic, narrowed down my area of research including my objectives and research questions, and have already started my literature review. As the next few weeks wrap of the semester, there is also work to be done on the upcoming Dissertation Proposal, which is due in May. Prior to this, our cohort has to create and present a poster, or the preliminary outline and structure of our proposal.

I typically meet with my dissertation supervisor over Skype, but I do have the option to meet with him in person. Although the dissertation seems like a highly overwhelming project, I really find that planning my time and doing a bit of work each week makes a difference. I have built a really solid relationship with my dissertation supervisor and this makes a huge impact on what I am getting out of this process as a whole. As long as you put in the time, effort, and genuinely are interested in your topic, it’s smooth sailing!

Despite all the work, I am still finding a great balance to spend time with friends and travel. This weekend I will be heading to Oslo, Norway. The best part? A 2 hour flight and only £36! I will check in with more pictures next time. Until then, Bon Voyage!



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