March 2018: Uni Life at its peak!


“Time flies when you’re having fun” This statement makes sense to me now because It’s been 6 months since I arrived but it seems like it was only yesterday that I came to the ‘United City’ of Manchester. The second semester has already started and six weeks of this semester have gone, and the pressure of having the assignments ready is greater every day. This semester has been very stressful so far as this is only month of this semester before the Easter breaks with so many submissions and literally there are many of the deadlines are in the same week and in addition to the projects and essays, we now also have to concentrate finalising the dissertation topic and research question. Dissertation accounts for a big part of the degree so naturally everybody is quite nervous and serious regarding it.

Second semester is actually shorter and more hectic than the first one and it demands and requires more time. There are many deadlines before and after the Easter break so if you have plans for the break, please organise yourself very well, take advantage of time, don’t waste it and start working on the assignments early. Sometimes it seems like the deadlines for assignments come out of the blue so I keep a calendar of all the assignment due dates so that I can make sure I don’t miss any of the deadline and have enough time to prepare for it. It is very important to prioritise the things you need get done and manage your time wisely. I found it helpful to make “to-do” lists each week so that I know what I need to focus on.

Also, the Student Union Executive Election takes place in the first week of March and I am glad to say I participated in the elections and nominated myself for the post of Activities and Development Officer. The experience was amazing and I really worked hard for the campaign and managed to get around 1100 votes but unfortunately lost by just 71 votes. I am proud and happy because being an international Post Grad student for 6 Months at the University, it’s difficult to take a stand for Student Union Executive Elections and running against people with 3-4 year’s experience at the University. However I still took a stand and this is probably why I’m not disappointed even after losing and the experience I gained will be with me for the rest of my life.


All in all, to make the most of this intensive year, you have to be prepared to use your time smartly and work hard. The university offers lots of resources and opportunities so don’t forget to take advantage of all the resources, both human and technological, and of many more resources that you will discover during your studies. In that way, you will truly cherish being a student.

So, what is the point of me telling you all this? It is not always going to be easy. You might be stressed, disappointed, or have a craving for surrendering . However, you will get through it and you will discover the things that work for you and I guarantee you will enjoy the ride!

This one year at Alliance Manchester Business School is shaping out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Until next month!
Bye, ciao, aloha, sayonara, adieu, khuda hafiz



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